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Join our community of emerging and established Colorado artists. As an Artist Member, you’ll have access to our Open Studio program, opportunities to show, refine, and sell your work, and resources to help grow your business in a supportive and stimulating environment.


Open calls for entry are listed when available. See our event calendar to see a full list of programs, announcements, and special events!

Open Studio

Open studio is a fabulous environment for artists from all walks of life. You’ll find a friendly, supportive atmosphere, and a warm welcome for all who share in the love of creative expression.


We’ve got affordable artist studios for rent at our Creative Campus! Browse the studios and apply for one today.

Artist Member Opportunities

Check out these other great benefits of joining our Artist Membership.

Golden StArt

Golden StArt (formerly Morning StArt)is a monthly one-hour coffee program designed to bring local artists together with the Golden community to talk about art. These casual conversations showcase the artist’s work, process and inspiration, followed by networking. These Meetups are jointly sponsored by the Golden Public Arts Commission and the Foothills Art Center. If you are a local or regional artist and want to present your body of work, please follow the link.

Conversations with The Curator

Feeling stuck in your path to creative glory? Have trouble getting your work shown? Sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes and dedicated conversation to break through.

If you are a member of Foothills Art Center you may email to schedule a 30 minute meeting with Eriq Hochuli, Curator at FAC to discuss your artwork and its future.

You will be expected to think a bit about your work and goals before the meeting and bring some work of yours to talk about. Work in progress or digital images are ok.

Availability will be variable and especially limited during exhibitions install.

Email for scheduling and questions.

LIT: Let’s Ignite Together

Where local artists meet up monthly in a safe space to unlock and ignite their creativity: creating for the joy of creation, celebrating each others’ unique style, and delighting in the incredible infusion of synergy that happens when a group of creative minds gets together.

The idea is to meet up at Foothills once a month. Each month there will be a prompt. You bring your own supplies (whatever they might be) to create something that in some way relates to the prompt (no real boundaries/rules here beyond that).

There is no “expert” in this particular safe space, we are all peers in the art world here, invoking a Round Table mentality when it comes to art. Encouragement is welcomed, but art critiques are not. We recognize the unique creative genius in each person and wish to meet together to see and be inspired by each other. This is not a space for selling. Creative networking will happen organically, but that’s not the goal as much as to inspire and be inspired. The goal is a synergistic infusion of creativity because that will be amazing for all.

Artisans of all kinds. We refuse to limit creativity. Can you bring your supplies and materials with you to a space and can you be creative with them? Then, you’re included. Please come and share your creative energy with the group. You ARE welcome!