Featuring a selection of Colorado’s most outstanding textile artists, Threads of Change shines a spotlight on art created in this versatile medium, from across our state. The exhibition celebrates fiber art’s rich traditions, as well as new expressions where concepts of art and craft intersect. 

Threads of Change: Colorado Textiles Now features outstanding Colorado textile artists whose work demonstrates the potential of fiber to transcend its traditional utilitarian associations and stretch the boundaries between art and craft. In this exhibition, visitors see traditional techniques used to create woven, stitched, knotted, beaded or quilted works that speak to a wide variety of artistic and conceptual issues. Moving beyond function into the world of ideas, Threads of Change demonstrates how Colorado artists are creating new form and meaning using diverse techniques, processes and materials.

Since the middle of the last century, definitions of what constitutes ‘legitimate’ materials for art has been vastly expanded to include fiber, glass, found objects, plastics and other industrial materials. These new materials are now used by artists to explore concepts of identity, domesticity and gender. The inherent qualities of various types of textiles are also being exploited to create two- and three dimensional objects that can be draped, folded, printed upon or beaded to create abstract or representational images.

This exhibition will highlight the work of these top Colorado artists working in the textile medium: Theresa Anderson, Regina Benson, Anne Bossert, Lynn Cornelius, Jo Fitsell, Kevin Kissell, Tom Lundberg, Mary McCauley, Amy Clarke Moore, Jill Powers, Sara Rockinger, Carol Shinn, Rebecca Vaughan, Robb Watt and Sara Goldenberg White.