MAY 12 – JULY 23

Ben Butler is a prolific artist, with a unique organic style. Largely process driven, he and his assistants work fluidly as they allow the procedure of cutting wood and foam into organic shapes and molds to inform the final product. The outcome is surprising and awesome in both scale and intricacy. He constructs massive installations from wood, foam and concrete. This show displays a wide variety of his work including outdoor installations, extremely large room-sized unique constructions and some new pieces never before seen.

The art in this show highlights shapes inspired by the natural world. The laws of nature mold the development of all the creations in its domain. Inspired, Ben develops regimented processes to guide the growth of his artwork. The task begins with an impulse. These complex forms are an exercise in play and exploration of the material. Ben, like nature, does not have a final product in mind as he works. He is reactionary and present in each step of construction.

Variations on Growth: Ben Butler is generously sponsored by Linda and Terry Stevinson.