The Beauty of Age

April 23 – July 10

An exhibition honoring the process of growing older with beautiful portraiture from a small group of talented artists led by Renee Peterson.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by AARP.

Aging is part of life – a dignified and beautiful part. The beauty of age comes with time and need not be compared to a youthful appearance, but instead is to be recognized and celebrated as a different kind of beauty.

Many older adults have come to see the signs of age, the crinkles around their eyes, laugh lines framing their mouth and silver in their hair as a map of their life, their own story. These symbols of age should be embraced for their intrinsic beauty – the essence of who seniors are and how they have lived. This exhibit reveals the beauty that comes from physical appearance and attitude inherent in wisdom, compassion, patience, and perspective acquired from life experience.

Over the past year, six artists have been meeting for discussion and creating work based on this dialog. From portraiture to storytelling, each artist has a unique style that conveys their individual relationship to aging.

Jan Archuleta – John Evans – Renee Peterson – Susan Schmitt – Xenia Sease – Nancy Sullo