APRIL 20, 2018 – JULY 8, 2018

Finding a Home is a conceptual exhibition with the intent of creating a dialogue within our community about the ever present and often tragic situation involving housing in the Denver Metro region. The issues are wide ranging and the proposals for solutions are just as diverse. FAC has set out to educate our community about the basic facts of the issues, while allowing three extremely talented artists to express their side of things with dramatic art installations in our north gallery. Each artist selected a room to install and fully realize their concept.

In hosting this show FAC does not presume to know the best solution for the many issues relating to housing affordability. However, in an age where political tribalism is at an all-time high we believe that there will be no solutions without civil discourse. Through the creation and display of artwork we hope to set the stage for these difficult conversations. We imagine that in some way the creativity of these artists can be mirrored in the collaboration of our communities and the policy of our legislators.

Thank you to our generous sponsor and all of our artists for making this show possible.

Exhibiting Artists:

Pam Fortner > https://www.pamfortner.com/

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy > https://www.laurilynnxemurphy.com/

Ramon Bonilla > http://ramon-bonilla.com/