3 Scientist – 3 Artists – 3 Forms; An Exhibition in Stone


Each artist in this show has a background in geological sciences. This professional
experience gives their artwork a unique through line. When artists elect to work in a natural
and unrefined material, they accept it as a collaborator. The stone itself will inform every
decision the artist makes.

Chis Herald describes his process in three science-minded steps. Collect data about the stone
to discover its natural beauty. Interpret the data in order to best address the inherent qualities
of the material. Test the data by executing on the plan. Look at all the artists through this lens
to appreciate how the material has a powerful influence on the finalized artwork.

Balancing the art with the science is the primary challenge on display in this exhibition.
Describing her art as “geo-fantasies,” Susan Judy employs both sides of her brain. With her
right brain she combines stones that would never appear with one another in nature. While
her left-side chooses to keep fossils in chronological order spiraling outwards.

Evaluating the stone is a pivotal step for Bill Gee. The shape a stone takes or point at which it
fractures impacts the final from. His expertise allows him to notice defects in the material as
well as how it will behave when carved. For Bill the stone is an undeniable partner in his
creative process.

Please enjoy the powerful juxtaposition this show provides. Stone formed by countless years
of natural process, selected and transformed into art. These three artists harmonize their
scientific backgrounds with their artistic abilities. Their skill has made for a very special

This exhibit is generously sponsored by Howard W. Masini, CPA, P.C.