JANUARY 19, 2018 – APRIL 22, 2018

Foothills Art Center is pleased to host a yearly exhibition featuring the diverse artistic talents and techniques of artist members. The FAC exhibition staff will jury artwork to select an exhibition that features engaging and creative content along with the highest level of craftsmanship. Always growing, this is the first show of the year in the East Gallery; a fantastic opportunity to display work of yours if you never have before!

Exhibiting artist members include:

Charlotte Bassin

Carolyn Berry

Betsy Buckner

Lynn Burnes

Andi Burnum

Lisa Calzavara

Becky Chapman

Barb Chiarella

Jay Clawson

Betsy Cole

Kathy Cranmer

Debb Cusick

Vivienne Douglas

Doug Felkley

Kathy Fisher

Tara Flores

Pam Fortner

Diana Fox

Gale Gatto

William Gee

Shirley Gist

Janis Goldblatt

Susan Gordon

Jesse Guess

Heather Hanson

David Hawley

Chris Herald

Nicholas Hullibarger

Robert Hyatt

Patricia Joy

Susan Judy

Karen Kirkpatrick

Sue Labate

Melinda Laz

Julie Leidel

James Malenda

James Matera

Lori Mattina

Kate McCabe

Laura Mcelfresh

Chuck McGee

Matthew McLellan

Johanna Morrell

Bruce Nall

Thomas Nasky

Lynn Nebergall

Ellen Nelson

Mattie O

Katherine Payge

Renee  Peterson

Erika Pochybova 

Nancy  Priest

Maria Ramsdale

Paul Rizzo

Richard Rodriguez

Bobbi Rubingh

Carol Schroeder

Elizabeth Shelton

Robin Shinn

James  Smith

Kandy  Stern

T.E. Stewart

Carla Stoltzfus

Helene Strebel

Tomiko Takeda

Robyn  Thayer

Lana Turner

Jacquie Vaux

Patricia Warner

Carol Weir

Denise Whittaker-Hoar

Jenny Wilson